The New GIANT of Science Fiction Books

Thinking and writing science fiction

I have been in love with science fiction since I was a child. Before I even knew what science fiction was my mind was filled with stories of fantasy, space exploration, futuristic wars and mixing passed history and mythology with present day technology. Every single night since I was 8 years old I have told myself science fiction and fantasy stories to put myself to sleep. Every night, stories of adventure, stories of the future, mythology and exciting fantastic characters from different galaxies.

I remember at 10 years old sitting down in the kitchen floor of my house reading mythology encyclopedias for hours and hours; reading half of the time and imagining the events in my mind the other half. Putting down the book and opening an astronomy book and reading about black wholes, white dwarfs and other celestial objects while I imagined traveling to see them in person and discovering even more planets, stars and galaxies.

A guide to discovering science fiction

Is there an official guide to discovering science fiction as a child? I can only wish! I remember imagining the world in fantasy and science fiction for years before I even discovered what the term science fiction was. I even remember sitting in primary school and drawing fantastic battles between Knights of the Round Table and introducing fantastic creatures, weapons and characters to my blank piece of paper. Interrupted only when the teacher noticed I was not working on my schoolwork and sent to the principals office for the fifth time that year.

Don’t leave without reading the science fiction book introduction and discovering the Earth Giants.


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