enders gameDid you know Ender’s Game is the bestselling science fiction book of all time?






By the way, Dune is number the number 2 bestselling science fiction book of all time!

It’s been twenty six years since the bestselling Science Fiction Book of all time was written by Orson Scott Card.  To commemorate the anniversary I read it for the first time.  Yes, I’m a Sci Fi geek but never read the book before. I did not even know it was the bestselling science fiction book of all time until weeks later when I did a bit of research on it.  I did not even know it was 20 years old until I finished the book and the author had a commentary about when he started the book and when he published it for the first time.  This commentary was great insight on the author, his experiences and how he molded his idea for Ender’s Game for ten years before he wrote first a short story and a few years later the book itself.

What impressed me from the start of the science fiction book were the dialog and the portrayal of the characters deepest yearnings. You immediately feel Ender Wiggin’s feelings, emotions and inmost wants. As the novel goes on you feel the same for Valentine, Enders older sister.  Orson Scott Card gives Valentine the sweetest, most caring personality and voice you can imagine right from the start. Even though she’s a child, you can identify with her fears and life’s expectations.  Even before the science fiction part of the book ever starts, Orson Scott Card pulls you in with these two lovely, gentle characters.

On his commentary Orson Scott Card explains that he writes his science fiction books from a theatrical point of view. You see, he explains his career, even his business was in theatre; both as an entrepreneur owning a theatre company and as a script writer.  In Ender’s Game you will notice most descriptions of scenery are done through the characters not by the narrator. That’s because he follows the Shakespearean style and does not believe in fancy backswords, scenery or props for his plays.  This flashes through in his sci fi novels and it’s one of my favorite things in Ender’s Game. The dialog is spectacular.

NOTE: Within two weeks I read Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide.  Needless to say I liked these science fiction books!

Ender’s Game is 336 pages and first appeared in 1985. The book originated as a science fiction novelette or short story in Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine in 1977.  Orson Scott Card won both of the most prestigious science fiction literary awards in 1985; the Nebula Award and Hugo Award for best novel.  After some extended research online I discovered it’s listed as number one on the bestselling science fiction books of all time.

Orson Scott Card says the best way to experience Ender’s Game is in audio because that’s how he wrote it. I agree! I purchased the audio of the novel and it’s a wonderful production. Not to mention you get to experience his amazing dialog and even witty commentary from Orson himself at the end of the audio.

Here are the links to both the audio and written books on Amazon:







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