Science Fiction Novel Author in The Making?

This new science fiction fantasy book is now 55,000 words (so far)

I never thought I would write a science fiction fantasy book or novel. I did not even think I would write a novel, period.  It’s not that I don’t like a good story or science fiction or fantasy. I bet everyone you ask would say I’m a Geek.  Yes, I am a Geek and a science fiction and fantasy super fan.  Now, there is a difference between being a fan and writing a book or novel. Now that I’m 55,000 words into my first science fiction fantasy book I’m finally convince I’m a novel writer and a science fiction one at that.

I’ve known I want to be a writer since I was very young and I’ve been writing since I’ve been maybe 10 years old. I’ve been into poetry since age 7 memorizing poems every year and even recite them in front of more than 1,000 people in the audience.  That was scary but I kept on doing it for years and years. By the time I was a teenager I memorized more than 50 full pages of poems and wrote poetry almost every day. 

I liked to write poetry because I thought it was very concise. You did not need a full page to tell the story, your feelings and the outcome. You could do it in one paragraph or even one sentence.  I felt and maybe still feel that poetry is life condensed.  Poetry can make you cry with one line on a page if it’s very good. That’s not easy to do and you don’t get that from short stories, novels or any other genera of literature.

For many reasons I stopped writing poetry. Maybe because of work, maybe because I felt it was emotionally draining.  I did continue writing non-fiction; especially articles and latter two books “Build Your Beverage Empire” and “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion”.  At the moment I’m working (on and off) and two other non-fiction books “Wholesale MBA” and “LinkedIn For Marketing” and have two more on the works on marketing and self-improvement.

One day I was working on an idea for a book “We’ll work for food” and I decided to turn it into a science fiction futuristic historical novel (can you say that 4 times fast?).  How do you get from working for food to a science fiction novel?  Well, the work for food book was going to be a socio-economic study on how to get Africa out of poverty and into the industrialized category.  My plan was to analyze history and how countries like China and India have risen from the bottom of the economic ladder to become economic powers.  After this I would create an economic theory for Africa.  That’s cool right?  Well maybe not!  I thought it was super cool but again I’m a Geek.  Besides being a Geek I’m also a marketer. I know only 5 people would read this book (my mother would be one of them) so I decided to turn it into a science fiction novel.

Keep coming back for updates, short stories and free chapters from Earth GIANTs, The Age of GIANTs, my new science fiction fantasy book.

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  1. I can’t wait for the Earth Giants science fiction blogs to start posting. I hear it will be a great fantasy novel.

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